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10 Foot Carpet Runner : Red Carpet Oscars 2011 Online : Carpet Cuts Richmond Va.

10 Foot Carpet Runner

10 foot carpet runner

    carpet runner
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10 foot carpet runner - Stanton Carpet

Stanton Carpet Topkapi Runner, Goldenrod, 2-Foot-7-Inch-by-10-Foot

Stanton Carpet Topkapi Runner, Goldenrod, 2-Foot-7-Inch-by-10-Foot

644953817362 Size: Runner 2'7" x 10' Machine made oriental rug The elegant Savoy creates a striking note of luxury appropriate for a wide range of decoration styles. The yarns for this collection are dyed to produce marvelous gradations of colors resulting in patterns that are both sumptuous and practical. This exciting line of regal, plush runners is made of 100pct New Zealand wool. Absolutely stunning wreath trellis with centered floral bouquet. -Machine woven in Turkey. -Made of 100pct New Zealand wool. -Traditional with floral pattern. Features: -Construction: Machine made. -Technique: Woven. -Material: 100pct New Zealand wool. -Origin: Turkey. -Collection: Savoy. -Color: Goldenrod. -Pile Height: 0.31''. -Stain resistant. -Non toxic / environmentally friendly. -Available in the following sizes:. -2'2'' x 6' runner. -2'2'' x 8' runner. -2'2'' x 10' runner. -2'2'' x 12' runner. -2'2'' x 15' runner. -2'7'' x 6' runner. -2'7'' x 8' runner. -2'7'' x 10' runner. -2'7'' x 12' runner. -2'7'' x 15' runner. Note: Please be aware that actual colors may vary from those shown on your screen. Accent rugs may also not show the entire pattern that the corresponding area rugs have. Additionally, rugs 8' x 10' and larger may ship Truck Freight.

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Day #210 - The Joy In My Feet

Day #210 - The Joy In My Feet

On hot days, I love to plunge my feet into cold water. A stream found on a walk in Scotland once gave me the most delicious tingle, that have remembered for 20 years. This was cool, coloured bathwater, my feet enjoyed the sensation and my eyes and heart enjoyed the poetry, petals, and gold leaf, that my friend Boo had conjured up for me for my final day of 'Water week'.

So I finish my Water Week in the same place I started it.

Day 7 of Water Week

49/365 Feet

49/365 Feet

For the first time in 10 months I am willing to show my feet. Reason, my toes are now the correct color.

A pox on O.P.I for discontinuing this color it is my favorite :(

10 foot carpet runner

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Ayoub Carpet

ayoub carpet

  • A thick or soft expanse or layer of something

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Immigration in the Northern Virginia is evidenced by the variety of immigrant small businesses operating in the area. Ayoub Carpet Service located at 3856 Lee Jackson Highway. One of the few Middle Eastern businesses I've been able to find in Fairfax to this point.

ayoub carpet

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Blocks Of Fun Rug - History Carpet - Red Carpet 2011 Golden Globes.

Blocks Of Fun Rug

blocks of fun rug

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blocks of fun rug - Loloi Aurora

Loloi Aurora AA-09 Poly-Acrylic 2-Feet by 3-Feet Area Rug, Multi Block

Loloi Aurora AA-09 Poly-Acrylic 2-Feet by 3-Feet Area Rug, Multi Block

LOLOI RUGS is a globally diversified manufacturer and fashion leader in area rugs. Under the expert direction of 30-year area rug veteran Amir Loloi, the company has a 360-degree view of style, value and service. This global advantage informs LOLOI's decisions on texture, design and color, as well as its vision for what's next. At the core of every LOLOI design hums the artistry and history of ancient rug making. The company's medium- to high-end area rugs in every style category and construction are directly manufactured in China, India, Pakistan, Egypt, and Turkey, for a breadth of products as varied as the countries in which they are meticulously crafted. This diversity gives LOLOI unique insight into all that is new, fresh and desirable for the consumer. Loloi's tagline remains its driving force-and its promise to its customers:Texture- it forms the soul and character of a rug. Design- it reveals a rug's personality. Color- it makes Texture and Design come to life with energy and passion. It is just that passion and energy that have helped make LOLOI RUGS a multiple, nationally award-winning producer of quality, salable area rugs. In 2010 and 2011, LOLOI was honored with the prestigious, national ARTS Award for Best Rug Manufacturer of the Year. It has won five national America's Magnificent Carpets Awards and two Visual Display awards for sophisticated showroom design. LOLOI continues to think outside of the box by pioneering groundbreaking new constructions that other rug firms emulate today, and by redefining entire categories with its innovative combination of style, quality, value and superior customer service. Experience the LOLOI difference today. The Aurora Collection celebrates texture with a series of contemporary textured geometric and floral designs, which are hand-tufted in a high/low cut-and-loop pile. Made in China of 100-percent poly-acrylic, buyers can choose from 12 fresh patterns.

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The Kids Room (+ more in comments!)

The Kids Room (+ more in comments!)

the most colorful room in the house
the messiest room in the house
the loudest room in the house
the happiest room in the house
and sometimes the smelliest room in the house

Im always changing the kids room, its tiny and they have to share so Im always looking for a new way to make the best of the space that we have. Even though its small and they share, they love it. From the green shag rug (with cheerios hidden inside it) to the hand painted second hand dressers. It is a well loved rom indeed.

I took these shots when there was only a glimmer of light left in the sky, so I was working with super slow shutter speeds and a very high ISO... but I love the blurred kids, it's just so fitting :)

Another Butterfly One-Block Quilt

Another Butterfly One-Block Quilt

I'm continuing to try to use up some of my orange scraps. I was amazed that I had a selection of oranges that gave me the range of values I wanted for this little design since orange is definitely not my favorite color and I tend to buy far less of it than most other colors. I quilted around the butterfly motif and "in the ditch" at all seams with invisible thread on the top and matching thread on the reverse. I certainly have been having a lot of fun with what's left of that butterfly print!

blocks of fun rug

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Bloomington Carpet

bloomington carpet

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bloomington carpet - Elena Undone

Elena Undone

Elena Undone

From Nicole Conn, director of the lesbian classic CLAIRE OF THE MOON. Elegant and refined Elena (Necar Zadegan, TV s 24, The Event) is a devoted wife to her pastor husband, mother to her teenage son, and daughter to her traditional Indian family. When she meets lesbian writer Peyton (ravishingly beautiful Traci Dinwiddie, TV s Supernatural ) Elena is confronted with intense, unexpected feelings for a woman and their relationship evolves into a passionate romance. Charming, funny and poignant as well as smoldering and sensual!

87% (14)



The "if you lived here you'd be home by now" maxim more or less means "I know I'm a grim, dank brick building of cramped studio apartments replete with broken radiators and chemically-treated carpet, and you'll probably pick up some kind of fungal infection from walking around in the bathrooms, but hey, at least I'm right across the street from the university so you don't have to drag your sorry ass the extra quarter mile every morning to class after a long night of beer pong and flip-cup."

cb uggs

cb uggs

Students will pair-up to create a pair of shoes made from cardboard
One will make the left and the other will make the right shoe
Materials: cardboard, glue, masking and appropriate found objects

bloomington carpet

bloomington carpet

A Marine Story

Highly decorated film has won 17 Awards so far! The remarkably hard-bodied actress/aerialist Dreya Weber (The Gymnast) stars as Alex, a decorated Marine officer who is unexpectedly discharged from her wartime duty. Returning to her conservative home town she agrees to coach and counsel the precocious teen rebel Saffron (Paris Pickard). Alex is the no-nonsense role model and authority figure that Saffron needs, and in true Karate Kid style she inspires the young woman s transition from slacker to boot camp-ready Marine recruit. But as Saffron is finally finding the strength to grow up, Alex must find new courage to face her own demons.

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Carpet cleaning fluid - Ra the rugged man new album.

Carpet Cleaning Fluid

carpet cleaning fluid

    carpet cleaning
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Happy Father's Day...

My dad loves to clean and organize the house. On weekends, he'll organize the things in the garage, the shed outside, vaccum the carpet (yell at us to do it), check the engine oil and other fluids of the cars in our home, things like that. But, he never does the dishes, he never sweeps or mops, doesn't clean the bathroom. Women's work he says, for my mom.

Where there is a single ant, he'll go crazy and say that there's an infestation and turn the kitchen inside-out. Just a few days ago, he took all the things that I had carefully arranged on my window sill off because he said there was hundreds of ants. I was in my room all day that day and I only saw one. The last rainy season, he went through 4 canisters of ant killer. I wish he would leave those poor things alone.

It's Sunday, which means another cleaning day for my dad. I'm going to force him to sit down and relax. I had planned to buy him something, but he always tells me it's a waste of money. And he never uses the things that I've bought him: a new wallet, a watch, a belt. So this year, I will do all the things that he usually does on Sunday for him.

He will probably tell me that the ideal Father's Day is when I sit my sister down and "review her algebra with her" though.

053 2011 Rug Doctor

053 2011 Rug Doctor

I hired a Rug Doctor today, to try to get rid of some horrible marks on our stupidly light-coloured carpet. I think it has worked OK, but won't know for sure until is has dried out properly. Have been meaning to do this for ages, but finally had a free day to get on with it. I have half a bottle of the cleaning fluid left, if any of my Oxford friends are hiring a Rug Doctor in the next few months :-)

carpet cleaning fluid

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