Carpet Companies In Michigan

carpet companies in michigan

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State Theater- Ann Arbor MI

State Theater- Ann Arbor MI

Famed theater architect C. Howard Crane, who also designed the Fox Theater in Detroit, designed the State Theater in downtown Ann Arbor. Built in 1942, the State Theater was the last commercial building to be completed in Ann Arbor after the start of World War II. During the war, building was restricted due to rationing of construction materials. Patrons of the theater fondly remember the blue neon clock to the side of the screen. The clock was there to keep co-eds aware of the time so that they wouldn't be late for dormitory curfews that were enforced during the 1940's, 1950's and into the 1960's.

Built solely to show movies (with only a screen and no usable stage), the State Theater is a high-style art deco cinema. The building was owned and operated by the Butterfield Theater Company until the early 1980s. Butterfield also operated the historic Michigan Theater a half block away from the State in addition to many other theaters in and around Ann Arbor.

In the early 1980s, the George Kerasotes Corporation (GKC) took ownership of the building. GKC owned a chain of theaters in the mid-west and their signature carpeting can still be seen on the floor of the State Theater lobby today. As with so many movie palaces throughout the country, the theater was "quaded" (sub-divided into four smaller theaters) at this time to better compete with the new trend in movie theaters - multiple screens -- both the main floor and the balcony were divided to have two screens each.

In 1987, GKC pulled out of Ann Arbor and Tom Borders (co-founder of Borders Books) bought the building as a real estate investment. The first floor was gutted and converted to retail space to make room for a new commercial retail tenant, Urban Outfitters.

In 1997, the current owners of the State Theater, a group of private investors, hired the Michigan Theater's Film Programming team to provide booking and marketing services. Future plans include improving the seating and making both theaters handicapped accessible.

from michtheater.org

Fisher Body

Fisher Body

From its beginning in the "horseless carriage shop" in Norwalk, Ohio, to its sale in 1919 and 1926 to General Motors, the Fisher Body Company was built by the Fisher brothers into one of the world's largest manufacturing companies.

The company owned 160,000 acres (650 km2) of timberland and used more wood, carpet, tacks, and thread than any other manufacturer in the world. It had more than 40 plants and employed more than 100,000 people, and pioneered many improvements in tooling and automobile design including closed all-weather bodies.

Fisher Body's contribution to the war effort in both World War I and World War II included the production of both airplanes and tanks. Alfred J. Fisher was Aircraft Director for Fisher Body.

carpet companies in michigan

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